Children and Women need to be rescued NOW!


    Nearly 25% of trafficking victims are children.1
    We are partnering with and supporting the nation's top organizations in the fight against trafficking including The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Operation Underground Railroad, and Sheltered Alliance.
    We are also producing a global motion picture to reach 2-4 Billion people with the message of how trafficking actually happens in 2020, packaged within a thrilling young adult motion picture. This film will not just be an awareness raising film, but 25% of the profits of the film will go straight back to these same organizations in addition to 50% of the funds from this raise now. This means that for each $1 you give, we give approximately $2.



    Jo Rivers, a teen prodigy with a nearly supernatural ability to use mathematical genius to predict the future, is kidnapped by a notorious international smuggler to a hidden underground outside of Shanghai. Only known as Madame, her captor exploits Jo’s gift for the purpose of growing her unstoppable global human smuggling ring. With help from an old Chinese sage, and a billionaire businessman, Jo escapes, vowing to use her prowess to take down this organized crime ring, and simultaneously rescue the world from a global monetary crisis. Jo uncovers secrets that have been hidden for centuries and must overcome insurmountable obstacles unleashed on her by Madame. Before Madame vanishes and the world economy collapses, the pieces must be put together to solve the most complex equation Jo has ever faced. For our hero, history is not written, it’s calculated.


    1Kyleigh Feehs and Alyssa Currier, “2019 Federal Human Trafficking Report,” Human Trafficking Institute (2020).

  • TEAM


    Co-Managing Director

    John has successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities, and provided business, funding and distribution services for twenty-three studio released motion pictures, television network series and specials, with combined production costs of over $470 million and global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion.


    John Executive-Produced his first motion picture in 1976 and spent his early media career as Business Affairs VP for two successive seasons at LA-based international sales entities. Actively participating in the creative and business aspects of motion picture and television productions, John led four new-media companies, including direct broadcast satellite Impression Delivery Corporation (acquired by CapCities) and i.TV, a top 100 iPhone application entity.


    John was a three-year faculty member of BYU’s Film School, establishing their Business of Film curricula and authoring "The Producer's Business Handbook," now in its fourth edition. After serving three years as Dean of Asia’s largest entertainment and media college, John extended his almost 40 year Alan Cassidy relationship, with their formation of Simple Little Stories LLC. Some pictures John has done business and finance for include The Goonies, The Terminator, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Four Feathers, and The Nutty Professor.


    Co-Managing Director

    Stephen entered the world of film production in 2010 with the development of aerial platforms before anybody knew what drones were. His innovations were featured in Scientific American magazine and many other publications for being the first person to ever fly a cinema camera on an RC platform for a high profile multi-million dollar Fox Sports Ad.


    Stephen is a director of photography and editor, and is supremely passionate about making quality productions that grip the viewer and call to action. The documentary he produced on the flood in Iligan Philippines in 2011 sparked a flood of donations from private and public accounts which ultimately led to the building of homes for 50 families. He has been director of photography and editor for feature films as well as a national television series on PBS. He has also produced a web series called “Restoring the Honor” a series honoring fathers of the past and telling their extraordinary stories.


    Stephen has an intuition for storytelling through film that can move an audience to their core. As a producer his ultimate passion is to tell stories that preserve what once was right and true and the core of every human; goodness, compassion, mercy, justice and faithfulness.


    Co-Managing Director

    Jason’s awareness of the power of great stories to inspire and even enable their viewers and readers drove him to study epic stories from as early as he could watch and read them. He devoured all within his reach, and began considering the most dynamic telling of the greatest literature from various times and cultures into audience-overwhelming motion pictures and series.


    The more he read and pondered the answers to life's most important questions (who are we? where did we come from? why are we here? and where are we going after we leave this life?), the clearer it became that these questions and answers were the core themes of the most powerfully audience-engaging stories. During his twenty year career teaching philosophy and history on multiple continents, Jason’s list of classic and contemporary literature he longed to produce grew into a passion.


    Jason established One Door Studios in 2018 and is now producing motion pictures that are powerful in entertainment value as well as stories that will fill audiences with hope and longing for all that is good, beautiful, and true…the most essential elements of all powerfully entertaining and deeply moving stories. He has established relationships in China, where he resided for 6 years with his family, with over 60 producers and distributors, including China Film Co., Alibaba Pictures, and TIK Films. He continues to use his passion for China and film to advance One Door Studio’s mission.